“Celebrate every single moment of child’s life, so as to evolve as self, community and terrane.“

Books are our best friends @ Balloon Nursery              Coffee Morning Session for Balloon Parents              Plant A Tree :-)              World Health Day              25th Mar Graduation Day 2017.              SAUMYA'S BIRTH DAY PARTY.              POSH PAWS @ BALLOON SHARJAH FOR ANIMAL THEME........              BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS OF NOAMI & EZRAH @ SHARJAH BALLOON...              GHZL'S HAPPEEE BIRTHDAY @ BALLOON SHARJAH              FUN DAY OUT TO AQUARIUM , SHARJAH.              INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY WITH ARABIC CULTURE              BALLOON NURSERY FAMILY, wishes everyone a very very happy ONAM.....              HAPPY EID FROM ALL OF US FROM BALLOON NURSERY FAMILY !!!!              EID-AL-ADHA SPECIAL ASSEMBLY & CELEBRATION @ BALLOON SHARJAH.              TEACHER'S DAY @ SHARJAH BALLOON in Emirate of Sharjah.             

Welcome to Balloon International Nursery

Welcome to Balloon International Nurseries that are specially designed to provide a secure and stimulating early year’s education experience for children aged 6 month to 6 years.

Our aim is to instill a passion for learning in our pupils and for them to develop a love for the outdoors and learning in the environment. Pupils are taught to be respectful, self-motivated and confident so that they are able to apply their new skills and knowledge independently. We want to ensure that no child is left behind in their education and whatever their needs, we will support and enable them to have full access to the curriculum, gain basic skills and to fully participate in activities.

We warmly welcome children of all faiths and enjoy celebrating different cultures and customs, such that our dear ones will learn to appreciate and respect others as themselves.