“Celebrate every single moment of child’s life, so as to evolve as self, community and terrane.“

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Parent Communication

There are several opportunities during the school year when you may speak to us at length:

Every effort is made to keep parents informed by way of letters, texts and a monthly newsletter, phone calls. Head Teacher releases a monthly correspondent, “BALLOON JINGLES”, newsletter with what’s coming up in your child’s nursery/ class.

Parents are also invited into school for our Christmas celebrations, class assemblies, Parent drop-in sessions, Coffee mornings with seminars and workshops, during some focus weeks for our Curriculum for Excellence Showcase of learning. Our new website is always being updated and provides an excellent means of communication. MONTHLY Written Reports

To inform parents and help you understand how you can support your child’s learning, reporting will provide information on your child’s progress and achievements in their broad general education:

We will inform you of progress in the curriculum areas:

Progress will be described in brief statements noting particular strengths, areas for development and achievements in challenging aspects and in the application of learning.

Achievement of a curriculum level, either in a part of a curriculum area or n a whole curriculum area

Achievement in different contexts and settings, including across curriculum areas, the life and ethos of the school and learning out with the school, including in the wider community

The nature of support being put in place to ensure each child or young person makes appropriate progress any gaps in your child’s progress and ways parents can help.

We will accentuate the positive, be constructive, be fair

We will ensure that the description of learning provides a clear, concise and recognizable picture of your child.

We will provide information on your child’s attributes and capabilities including attitude to learning and motivation

We shall provide opportunities for the learner to contribute, including commenting on written reports, when possible.

We shall provide opportunities for parents to give their views on their child’s progress, including through their responses to written reports.