“Celebrate every single moment of child’s life, so as to evolve as self, community and terrane.“

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From Counsellor's Desk

Dear Parents,

On behalf of all staff, parents and pupils we are much delighted to welcome you into to our Balloon Nursery Family.  We are certain that you will find Balloon Nursery Class a warm, nurturing, caring place where all children are encouraged to achieve their full potential.  This is a learning environment in which we respect and encourage each other to be the best in all we do.

Our prime cognition is on the academic and aesthetic development that focuses on their personal, social and emotional development of our kids.  To this end, we wish to work in partnership with you in developing your child achieve their fullest potential helping prepare him/her as a lifelong learners who takes pride and responsibility for their own learning and become active contributors to the modern world.

At Balloon, we seek to foster in our children a positive attitude to learning, citizenship, self, others and the environment.  We owe our responsibility and commitment to develop the ‘WHOLE’ child philosophy that unearths the right abilities, nurture them to instill the greatest potential such that they evolve as responsible citizens who makes a difference to the society they are living.
To achieve these aims and to deliver the most effective education for our pupils, we create those age appropriate environments and design settings and provide those necessary requisites that are accredited to those Pre-School Learning Alliance and Systems of the UK, in different age-group settings as babies, toddlers and preschooler.
Our programs, activities and modalities greatly catalyst and ensure that every child gets all the education that he or she needs.  We take the role of facilitators, while our kids themselves reconnoiter opportunities to explore, play and have fun to understand the world around them, where in the process they discover themselves and evolve as self, thus the evolution reflect on community and the world.
To end this, we strongly believe that it is essential to build a strong home-school partnership. We cherish our relationships and nothing benefits a child more than a close working relationship between school and home.  We are positive that together we can achieve our aim and produce children and adults of whom we can all be proud of.

To synergize this union, many activities are organized throughout the school year, giving parents, friends, well-wishers an opportunity to meet and work with the staff of the school, through Pastoral Care, Parent Council Body, CSR (Community Service related activities and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) initiatives. We look forward to seeing you on as many of these occasions as you can manage.

No worry concerning your child is too small or unimportant to share with us.  Please feel free to make an appointment to speak with our Program Coordinator and we will do everything possible to make thing happen.  

We are incredibly proud of our school and the synergy that is cherished in the congress that is being glorified by being a proud member of the Balloon Nursery Family, that missionize in unison that “Teaching and Learning is  joyful experience and not a drudgery to be dragged on” …....

We welcome you to this great oneness in thought and action as “Every Child matters here” and “Education is not a preparation for life, but life itself”….

Together we hail,“Every Single Step, A Big Leap To Fly High”……
For The Cause of Education,

Head Teacher